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Breathe & Receive
with Half Acre Holistics

This special offering is a collaboration with breathwork instructor Matt Tellier of Half Acre Holistics. Matt guides the group through 45 minutes of breathwork that flows into a guided meditation. During this guided meditation, Angela facilitates a 45 minute Kundalini Reiki healing.

What is the benefit of combining Breathwork and Reiki? Breathwork allows you to tap into and access the potential for change and personal growth inherent within you. Matt & Angela feel that the ability to access this  potential helps prepare the mind, body and spirit to be in a peak place to receive Reiki healing, allowing for a truly transformative experience for the participant. 


Half Acre Holistics inspires happy, holistic lives that nourish body, mind and spirit. You'll find breathwork, gardening, cooking, handmade creations and more.

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