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Sessions at Arcane Remedies


Arcane Remedies is a healing collective aiming to provide methods for healing the body, mind, and spirit through healing services, educational workshops, and physical tools and knowledge of the earth. Arcane Remedies aims to serve the community and provide access to some of the powerful healing tools that are sometimes hard to find in this part of the country in an accessible and approachable manner.

You can choose to book an in person session with me at Arcane Remedies below, or follow the link to learn more about the shop and book through the website.

Kundalini Reiki Healing

Book First Initial 90 minute session. Includes pre session discussion to establish client practitioner relationship and also give more focused session based on client need. Session will be 45-60 minutes of progressive relaxation, guided meditation with Reiki therapy. Tuning forks will also be used for the healing vibrational therapy using the sacred solfeggio scale.

 Reiki therapy does not replace your normal medical care, but is an amazing integration of alternative therapy into your health and well being. It can aid in insomnia, anxiety, and pain. I do recommend a period of rest and hydration post session. You will receive a post healing email with a pdf of your session notes with included pictures of crystals and oracle cards (If applicable).

Tarot Reading & Kundalini Reiki Healing

Truly one of my favorite things to do is provide this service with my friend Tiffany of The Nameless Craft Tarot. She provides a conversation about the cards and your relationship to them. Tiffany offers intuitive tarot and oracle readings while providing a safe space for all guests to receive messages needed for self-healing, affirmations, and guidance. 

You are then guided through a 45 minute reiki session focused in on the conversation about the cards. Helping to clear the energetic field based on feelings, emotions, and stories brought to light during the read. Tuning forks will be integrated for vibrational therapy using the sacred solfeggio scale. Small discussion after Healing session completed. You will receive a post session email with pictures and notes on your cards and reiki.

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